How to decorate your caravan for free

So you have bought your caravan and are getting it ready for your first trip away. But wait a minute it feels dull, dank and lifeless inside. Well no worries you can decorate your caravan for free and with just a few small additions you can have it looking trendy, hip and all the other words kids are using these days.

The better your caravan looks and feels, the more relaxed and ‘at home’ you will feel on your trips, it really is as simple as that. So, you want your caravan to look nice, you have some ideas, maybe a nice picture on the wall or a vase, but you don’t want to spend a large wad of cash. Well don’t worry; here is a quick guide on decorating your caravan for free. Good luck.

The first thing to think about is the walls. Now pictures are the perfect way to make a caravan feel homely. Get out the photo albums and pick a bunch of your favourite pictures. Then all you have to do is get an old frame (it doesn’t have to be the most beautiful frame in the world) and arrange them how you like them. Pictures of you and your friends are a great accessory to any room and they will make your caravan feel more personalised. Holiday snaps are good for this.

Old wine bottles can be used as great decorative objects. Take the stickers off the bottle and give it a wash and they can be used as either a vase for some flowers or they can be used to hold candles. The darker, red-wine bottles are better for this and if used well they can have a real impact on a room.

Using freshly picked flowers are a great way decorate your room for free. As I mentioned before, old wine bottles make nice vases as do any other type of bottle really. Flowers can bring a room to life and make it feel much more pleasant inside. You have to make sure you replace them once they are dead, because a nice colourful flower may be able to make a room feel cheerful but a dead and dry flower can make a room feel extremely morbid.

Cushion covers are another great way to brighten up a room and can be done very cheaply. All you have to do is get some old clothing, or any type of fabric and stitch it into a big enough shape that it will house all of your original cushions. Cheap, but lovely fabrics can be found anywhere and are a really nice addition to a room.

I hope this has been of some help to you and I hope you can make your caravan look as lovely as you want it to without spending too much of your hard earned cash.

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