How to Jack up a Caravan

How to Jack Up a Caravan

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how to jack up a caravan

Using a Caravan Jack

You need to know how to jack up a caravan to make sure you do not cause any damage or put yourself at risk when changing a tyre. Whatever type of caravan jack you use you must be able to fit it under the correct jacking or lifting point of your caravan. This jacking point is determined by your manufacturer so you will be able to find information on this in your vehicle handbook. Caravan jacks are essential Caravan Accessories.

  • Remember when you have a flat tyre and need to jack a caravan that your lifting point will be a few inches closer to the ground.
  • If your caravan jacks have small bases then remember you will need to place a support board underneath it if you are using it on soft ground to jack a caravan.
  • When using scissor style caravan jacks you must watch out because they must be opened to a minimum height before any weight can be supported; make sure this height is within the clearance available when you jack a caravan.
  • Side caravan jacks are easy to use, simply bolt the jacking points to your chassis in the predrilled holes then whenever you need to use the jack you can simply place it into the jacking point and it will be held there safely. Then you can wind up your caravan jacks as usual.
  • Trolley caravan jacks are very heavy but are very good. It uses hydraulic pressure to raise the lifting platform and jack a caravan. It has an end mounted pole which you can use to operate these caravan jacks.
  • Bottle caravan jacks work in the same way as a trolley jack but are not as heavy duty.
  • Caravan jacks come in lots of different designs as mentioned above so consult your handbook and judge which is best for you to jack a caravan.

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