How To Look Good On Your Camping Or Caravanning Holiday

For most girls, the first question that comes to mind when deciding to go on a camping trip is ‘where can I plug in my hair straighteners?’

Whether or not you’re taking a caravan or roughing it in a tent, looking good in the wilderness can be very difficult! Especially when you’re negotiating tight living spaces and limited plug sockets. Here is a guide on how to look good on your camping or caravanning holiday.

The first thing you need to be thinking about is the weather. If you’re camping or caravanning in the UK then you need to prepare for rain – and lots of it, so waterproofs are essential. If you’ve just breathed out a sigh of dismay at the thought of trudging around in an anorak all weekend, don’t worry, there is a solution.

Cath Kidston has an amazing product called ‘cag in a bag’ – a waterproof cagoule that comes in all sorts of her classic designs, so not only will you be kept dry, you’ll look good doing it. Wellies are also a must – Hunter wellies are the obvious choice, but at £70 a pop this might be stretching your budget a little! There are plenty of other choices out there though; in all sorts of designs and colours, and if you just can’t bear to not have something designer on your feet then pick up a pair of Hunter boot socks, they’re much cheaper than the wellies and come in every colour you could possibly think of, some are even faux fur trimmed.

Even if you’re staying in a caravan you won’t always be able to avoid the rain, so the next thing on your list should be waterproof makeup. Of course one of the main aspects of caravanning or camping is getting in touch with your nature side, but that doesn’t mean going bare- faced. Waterproof mascara and a good compact powder should see you through – even if horses and cows are your only audience, panda eyes never look good.

Now for the hair; if your regular wash and blow-dry routine is just too much to handle then be sure to take a dry shampoo. This will stop your hair from becoming flat and will give it a healthy shine for the duration of your camping or caravanning holiday.

Straightener addicts – there’s help for you too. If you’re caravanning you’ll probably be able to take your normal straighteners with you, but check the voltage because you don’t want to be blowing the electricity!

For the brave hearted campers, all is not lost. For as little as £10 you can pick up a pair of ceramic plated hair straighteners that plug directly into your car, so after a long wrestle with your tent you can tame those fly-aways in minutes – a must have buy for the fashion conscious among us!

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