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Small motorhomes are ideal for those people who like to travel light or are on a limited budget. A small motorhome will still offer most of the advantages of a larger motorhome but is easier to store, cheaper to buy and often easier to drive. This guide outlines some of the different types of small motorhome that are available on the market.

Different Small Motorhomes

  • General the smallest motorhomes are the conversion vans, although this of course depends on what van is used in the conversion. A long wheel base, high-topped Mercedes Sprinter is not what most people would call small. Some small motorhomes though are converted from vans such as the Transit Connect or the Volkswagen Caddy.
  • These types of small motorhomes often only feature quite basic but highly functional facilities. Generally there is a seating area that doubles up as a bed and the kitchen area often houses a gas hob and grill and a fridge. Some models of small motorhome have a separate room for a toilet.
  • These small motorhomes are often referred to as campervans and their small size makes them almost identical to cars in the way they drive and handle, meaning that anybody with a driving license should be able to get in a small motorhome and drive it comfortably. Their reduced size also means that they can fit down most tight roads and are very useable in town.
  • Probably the most famous small motorhome or campervan of all time is the VW campervan, officially known as the Type 2 Transporter. This set the trend for a lot of conversion vans and many of today’s modern small motorhomes are built on the same principles.
  • The larger conversion vans can often house things such as built in fridges, television, ovens and microwaves as well full showers and toilets. These motorhomes still often behave like a van on the road and consequently are quite easy to drive. The air conditioning and heating systems present in the van can be used in small motorhomes but large motorhomes often feature their own dedicated heating systems.
  • Class-C motorhomes are generally considered to be quite large but there are some companies that offer quite small motorhomes in comparison to other Class-C models. They will still be larger than most conversion vans but can be a good choice for somebody who is looking for the added room, luxury and facilities provided by a Class-C motorhome while paying attention to the size and cost of such a model.
  • When you are thinking of buying small motorhomes you should consider a few specific things. Your budget will most likely the biggest factor when you decide which small motorhome to buy, generally, more money will buy you more motorhome. Other things that should be considered is where you intend to store the small motorhome when it isn’t in use, smaller motorhomes are generally easier to store.
  • Small motorhomes are often easier to drive so this should also be taken into account alongside how many people you foresee to be regularly using it as this will have a bearing on size.
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